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Custom Search For Nearby Place

This map will give you a geographical location about anything you want to search near you. Start to find your prefered bussiness or target place by inserting your searh keyword in the place search box.
here some ideas for you to use the place/bussiness/building locator.

here is the example of good practice:

Try to insert this key in the search box.
  • car accident lawyer in florida (** this keyword give a type of lawyer and its location)
  • car donation in newyork (**this keyword shows the type of donation and its prefered location)
  • car insurance company in nj (** nj stand for new jersey)
** above keyword are example (use your own prefered keyword)

here is the example of bad practice:

Don't insert this key in the search box.
  • cheap car near me in london (** keyword contain unnecessary word 'cheap', 'near me' is not a spesific place)
  • affordable ferrari car in south caroline (**this keyword include unnecessary adjective 'affordable')
  • big car that looks good in mountain view (**keyword contain unnecessary and too much adjective 'that looks good')
** above keyword are example (use your own prefered keyword)

Business/Place Locator

Places Searchbox

How to Search For a Location Near You With This Map?

You can enter the place/market/or anything that you want to search followed with 'near' and your location.


enter this word in search box:
Bike Shop near North Side, Chicago, IL, United States
This query will will give you a list of the nearest "Bike Shop" to North Side, Chicago in United States.

maps custom search example

Please be sure that we don't guarantee the result of the inserted query will be 100% correct. We highly recommend you to insert different keywords if the previous keyword didn't give a correct location or result.